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Art, Tattoos and Commissions

I FINALLY created a deviantArt site one week ago. I have gotten ALOT of positive feedback on my tattoo designs, and they weren't even some of the best I have or cleaned up versions. So, I am posting here (after banning myself from LJ to get school work done), to open myself up for commissioned art and tattoo designs.

I am a college student, so I work cheap! :) I have consulted with several people I have designed tattoos for, and I am basing my price anywhere from $5-$50 depending on complexity of the design, size, etc. Most pieces will be in the $5-$25 range (hey, I am in college; every little bit helps XD).
Please visit my gallery for examples of art and tattoo designs and private message me if interested! Thank you so much! :)

Shopping Success!

I went to the mall in search of loliable accessories......again. But, today was a success! I found bracelets, earrings, a headband with a cute little bow, plain black knee high socks that I may add lace to, and a black shirt with a peter pan collar. The only downside is the last item is 3/4 length sleeved, but the good news: my grandma said she can totally fix it! Wahoo! Yay for shopping success, even at the expense of school work.

Official hair plan!

Sooo, I figured I would post how I plan to wear my hair for MTAC, plus from now on. I have naturally wavy/curly hair and with my new hair cut have gotten a lot more compliments when I wear it curly. From now on, not just in lolita, it is curly hair all the way! Takes WAY less time and I generally think it looks more awesome.
On to the cut for pictures!Collapse )


I finally figured out how to credit icons. Yay! I will conquer LJ.

I am an LJ idiot

Sooo, I am going to go on ahead and say in advance: I am sorry if any of the mods get more than one EGL join request from me.

Seriously, I am having major LJ issues. I tried to leave feedback on the super old loligothdbs that I bookmarked over a year ago...*hangs head in shame.* I even joined the community thinking that was the problem. Evidently, there is a new database. Oh well.

Atleast I got my new head bow today! :)

Trying to figure out LJ

I am so not LJ savvy. I am trying to joing communities, and some work, some don't. I know some have moderated membership, but it still seems glichy. blah. Also, everyone I know is on blogspot...*sighs* I will figure this thing out one day. Now off to church.
I am getting ready for my "lolita debut" at a local anime convention.

Warning: three outfits and several questions behind the cut!

I hope this cut worksCollapse )

Just bored...

Sitting at work with only a few minutes left. I am really not liking my lack of car. I really need to add some friends and post some pics onto this user account. hmmm....perhaps I will do that this weekend.

New to the blog world....

This is my very first blog entry. I really don't know what to type...so.....I may post some pictures later.